Arts Advocacy Day 2016

Arts Advocacy Day 2016

One of things that is most important to me is my work on the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts Board of Directors, and one of the most important things that MCA does is organize Arts Advocacy Day every year.

This year is an especially important year because it is a budget year for the Minnesota Legislature. In other words, this session will determine the level of funding for the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Regional Arts Council system for the next two years.

Arts Advocacy Day this year is March 17, and registration is open now. Click Here to register to attend!

It costs nothing to attend, but it’s vital for the arts to have a great showing. We hope to have at least 700 advocates meet with legislators this year. You should be one of them.

Please sign up today. Signing up in advance helps the MCA staff organize teams, and and make sure that there are advocates visiting legislators from every district across the state.

Important Links:

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