Catie Jo Fest Videos

Catie Jo Fest Videos

Many many thanks to Jeff Miletich for shooting and editing these videos! I’ll post more as they’re available.

Photo galleries are here… 

Catie Jo Pidel & Ross Willits Videos

Switched at Birth Videos

Switched at Birth is: Pam Kolupaio, Rick Anderson, Mark Briere, Catie Jo Pidel, Mark Rizzardi

Jumpin’ Jo & The Catie Cats Videos

Jumpin’ Jo & The Catie Cats is: Kim Curtis-Monson, Mike Monson, Rick Anderson, Catie Jo Pidel, Pete Mathison

Platte Valley Boys Videos

Platte Valley Boys is: Ron Colby, Scott Stebbins, Tony Andreason, Catie Jo Pidel, Ross Willits


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  1. So much fun

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