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The Beguine Brothers
Old Time Country & Western Revue, Ltd.

Hailing from Hurley, Wisconsin, the Beguine Brothers Old Time Country & Western Revue, Ltd. are well known in the North Woods Tri-Lake area for their good-hearted takes on barroom music. They perform most Tuesday nights at Mama Mamuschka’s on the Gile Flowage across from Gile County Park. Stop in sometime, but don’t ask about Great Aunt Babuschka Mamuschka’s snowmobile accident, I beg of you!

The Beguines are a large and unwieldy extended family of musicians who come and go from each other’s lives (and bands) with startling irregularity. 

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The Beguine Brothers Old Time Country & Western Revue (ltd) 331 Club, December 21, 2017 Photo credit: Jeff Miletich

Some brothers (& sisters) you’re likely to see when you come hear us:

Straw Boss Beguine (Erik Brandt), vocals, acoustic guitar & accordion
Kay-Po Beguine (Becky Kapell), vocals & acoustic guitar
AppStore Beguine (Ross Willits), vocals, acoustic guitar & mandolin
Badger Trap Beguine (Jim Orvis), drums
Steely Heart Beguine (AJ Scheiber), pedal steel
Doghouse Beguine (Mike Schultz), bass
The Bullet (Jeremy Szopinsky), electric guitar
Shady Canadian Beguine (Peter Rasmussen), electric guitar
Baby Mama Beguine (Celeste Grimm), fiddle

Long-lost Beguine Brothers (who may join us occasionally when available or in town):

Skunk Beguine, aka Erie County Corrections Prisoner 533824, (Chris Jones), vocals & electric guitar
Pony Q. Jet Beguine (Dan Newton), accordion
Big D “Danger Dave” Beguine (Dave Strahan), electric guitar/pedal steel guitar
Smilin’ Petey Beguine (Peter Karman), electric guitar
Lucky Luke Beguine (Luke Jacobs), pedal steel guitar
Jailbait Beguine (Jason Woolery), washboard
Dwight Corvis (Jon Olson), bass
Pork Rind Beguine (Mikey Bales), fiddle
Hostile Rabbit Beguine (Doug Trail-Johnson), mandolin
‘Frisco Beguine (Charlie Wilson), drums
Jimmy Beguine (Jim Kasperson), electric guitar, vocals

“To Love Somebody,” featuring AppStore, KayPo, Straw Boss, Pony Q. Jet & Baby Mama Beguine

Medley: La Bamba, Low Rider, Twist & Shout, Manic Monday

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