photo © 2014 Ross Willits
photo © 2014 Ross Willits

Web Design & E-commerce

If you’ve read this far on my site, you understand that I’ve been around for a while. That I’ve had a lot of experiences and my skill set is very broad. But I have one more anecdote.

I remember in late 1993 reading an article in a computer magazine about a new thing called the World Wide Web. There were only a handful of “sites” at the time, but if you “downloaded” a piece of software called “Mosaic,” you could view the internet as not just a collection of directory listings, but complete with color graphics and “links” to other relevant information.

I was blown away—even at 9600bps.

I began reading up on HTML and wondered how I would use this incredible new technology. I built my first website, for Triple Espresso, in 1998, and have designed, redesigned, and built many more in the years since—including this one.

The tools have changed over the years, but I have kept up with it all. I’ve built sites from scratch with Adobe GoLive (remember that one?) and Dreamweaver, created template-based sites with Rapidweaver, and now CMS-based sites with WordPress.

I’m able to customize CSS, and incorporate interactive elements into designs.

I’ve also incorporated many kinds of e-commerce applications into sites—ticketing, class registration, donations, and merchandise sales.

Ways that you can put my experience to use:

  • Website re-design planning
  • Research to determine the best platform for your needs
  • Content development and maintenance
  • E-commerce integration (ticketing, donations, etc.)

Contact me now to get your digital world in order.